Gamification is applied by Praqtise to the process of learning the CAT syllabus thereby turning it into a fun activity

5 Reasons Why Praqtise is Your Genie for Overcoming the CAT Syllabus

Not Again! My exasperation had driven me to fling the console across the room. It landed with a soft thud on the carpet. Why was it so difficult to defeat this guy? After 15 matches with him, I still had absolutely nothing to brag about. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am extremely competitive.[…]

Professional certifications in Finance (CA, CFA etc) used in an article about top MBA programs for finance professionals

Best institutes for people with professional degrees like CA, CFA, CS

Top MBA Programs – The indispensable requisite in addition to the professional degrees Three MBA aspirants with professional degrees were chatting on a Whatsapp group. They were friends from graduation. One was a CA, one a CFA and one a CS.  The talk was about choosing the best from the top management programs. It is[…]

Visual representation of choosing the right approach using tick, cross and question mark symbols for an article on CAT exam preparation method

Acing CAT exam – Do you need to walk in the footsteps of previous toppers?

A tete-e-tete with CAT exam toppers During a regular interview session after CAT, the interviewer had 5 toppers before him and the question put forward was: “Please tell us about the one thing that you did to achieve this galloping success.” Topper 1 – “I woke up early in the morning and studied for CAT[…]

Assortment of logos of luxury brands used to talk about luxury management in SP Jain as one of the top MBA programs

Top MBA programs in India that offer a unique specialization

Arun, Bharat and Nagesh are three friends who have known each other since childhood. They find themselves, once again, in the same boat – preparing for MBA entrance exams. Each of them has one of the top MBA programs in India in their mind. Arun wants to put his degree in pharmacy to use. He is looking[…]

Happy and sad smileys to depict male and female genders respectively used in article about gender diversity in IIMs

IIM Gender Diversity issue – is it particularly difficult for females to get into the premier institutes?

Chaitanya and Paresh became friends during graduation. Paresh was a year senior to Chaitanya and also his mentor in many ways. Chaitanya always wanted to get into an IIM, and he realised his dream when he got through to IIM Bangalore in 2015.  “Congratulations Lord Chaitanya! You have brought great honour to your house!”, remarked Paresh[…]

Inspirational quote about goal setting used in an article providing tips for CAT mock test series

Tips for better experience in a CAT Mock Test series

CAT Mock Test – The litmus test of your preparation through late nights and early mornings “In spite of the best efforts, I could not improve upon my performance in mock tests.” Disappointed Mr. Hardy remarked. “Surprisingly, my performance has improved drastically over the last few weeks!” Mr. Smarty said cheerfully. “I practice for 12[…]

Why MBA in Digital Marketing is the in-thing right now

“MBA in marketing: The rise of the Digital Managers” *dhum* *dhum* “Is Tony home?” The door creaked open just as we reached forward for the fourth time to knock in frustrated impatience. An old lady, wrinkled beyond recognition, opened the door. She leaned forward, squinting through her thick spectacles at us, her mouth half open[…]

A simple visual representation of MBA soecializations offered in top MBA colleges in India

TOP MBA colleges in India that offer Dual Specializations

DUAL SPECIALIZATION: The New Business Jargon? The air was heavy with the overwhelming waft from my mother’s cooking. It was homecoming for my elder brother, Anuj, following three whole years of virtual conversations. While the anticipation in the house grew with each stroke of the clock, my subconscious took me through an assortment of worries[…]