What difference can last minute preparations make in CAT Exam?

We did it in school, then why not the CAT exam? We did not have many thrills during our college days, but one such thrill which we consistently and thoroughly enjoyed involved last minute preparation. The adrenaline rush while constantly looking at the clock, like a metronome, the sweaty palms, the thumping heartbeat, and the[…]

The advantage of creating a confidence while preparing for the CAT paper

CAT paper – How Creating a Confidence Index for each section will help you

I looked out of the window of my car at the polluted, bustling city road, amidst a plethora of noise and voices. After eight hours of constant preparation for the CAT paper, my head was throbbing with a painful headache. As I sat, contemplating on whether all those hours seemed to make any difference to[…]