Best Practices one needs to embrace before going for CAT Exam

Daily Prescription Pills for CAT Exam 2016

For a brief moment, I looked up from my paper. Hardly a second, maybe even less. I knew I had already made a mistake when I looked around me. Hands moving feverishly, the rattle of the AC, and 35 people unanimously struggling to do better than the one seated next to them. This was just[…]

Gamification is applied by Praqtise to the process of learning the CAT syllabus thereby turning it into a fun activity

5 Reasons Why Praqtise is Your Genie for Overcoming the CAT Syllabus

Not Again! My exasperation had driven me to fling the console across the room. It landed with a soft thud on the carpet. Why was it so difficult to defeat this guy? After 15 matches with him, I still had absolutely nothing to brag about. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am extremely competitive.[…]

Inspirational quote about goal setting used in an article providing tips for CAT mock test series

Tips for better experience in a CAT Mock Test series

CAT Mock Test – The litmus test of your preparation through late nights and early mornings “In spite of the best efforts, I could not improve upon my performance in mock tests.” Disappointed Mr. Hardy remarked. “Surprisingly, my performance has improved drastically over the last few weeks!” Mr. Smarty said cheerfully. “I practice for 12[…]