A student contemplating the pros and cons of dropping a year to get into a top B-school of her choice

Is it worth taking a one-year drop for CAT?

Manoj and Swati have cleared MBA entrance examinations with good percentile and have begun getting calls from many of the top B-schools in India. However, neither Manoj nor Swati have secured a call from the B-school where they want to study. Manoj plans to take a one-year drop for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.[…]

Amphitheatre at Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai

Top B-schools in India that stand out for Regional Presence

Look out for the hidden gems! Anubhav and Rohit are two colleagues working for a leading investment bank. Both are excellent finance professionals who want to give their career an additional thrust. They wish to pursue an MBA from one of the top B-schools in India. However, Anubhav has a few concerns which he shares[…]

A photo which shows the integral concepts of MBA in Human Resource Management

Top B-Schools in India for MBA in HR Management

Naisha and Nishit are very good friends who have been preparing to appear for the CAT for over a year. Nishit is keen on pursuing an MBA in HR and is discussing the same with Naisha. Here is a conversation between them: Naisha: Have you decided what you are going to specialise in? Nishit: I’m[…]

A graphic representation of normalization

Normalization – Do you need to answer all questions in CAT exam?

Priyanka and Pankaj are going to appear for the CAT exam. They have completed their BBA from a very good college and have been preparing for over a year. However, Pankaj does not know much about the concept of normalization which is being applied to the results. The following is a conversation between Pankaj and[…]


The difference between those who crack the CAT exam and those who don’t

Sanoj and Pranav are very good friends who are in the last year of their engineering. Both are planning and discussing what to do after graduating. Pranav suggests that they should take the MBA entrance exam and try to get into a good college. Sanoj says that he has heard that the CAT exam is[…]

A picture showing the selection of an ideal candidate by a recruitment manager as a job after MBA

5 Dream Jobs After MBA where a degree makes a difference!

“In these jobs, an MBA degree will help you run the fast track in the rat race!” Getting your dream job after MBA can be a tall task, which may come with a lot of hurdles. The placement process is sometimes as convoluted as the CAT question paper itself! However, it is not just getting[…]

– A picture explaining purchasing power parity with cost of a burger in the US and Europe and comparing the same with the exchange rate.

Jobs after MBA – International or National

The final reward A fat pay package job – The final reward of your years of toil though the educational system. Let us be point-blank pragmatic here, while your endless educational expedition does leave you learned and wise, the only tangible reward that you can flaunt are the jobs after MBA. What better way to land[…]

How to prepare for various entrance examination for MBA

Ideal time versus accuracy ratio in MBA entrance exams

How to decide how much time to dedicate to each question in MBA entrance exams? Anisha and Sagar, who are very good friends, are preparing for different MBA entrance exams. When taking a break from studies, they like to play a game where they are supposed to burst maximum balloons in minimum time but with[…]

Exchange students holding passports to depict MBA colleges in India with best international tie ups

MBA colleges in India with best international tie-ups

Student exchange programs: A brief introduction Raghav has recently completed BBA from a prestigious institute. On the last day in college, he is sitting in the canteen with two of his best friends on campus, Lynda and James. Lynda and James are foreign exchange students who have often described to Raghav how their time in[…]

A picture showing an MBA aspirant wondering how to prepare differently for different MBA entrance exams.

How to prepare for different MBA entrance exams?

Anuj is an employee at one of the best IT companies in India. However, he wanted to transition from an engineer’s job to a management job. So, he decided to take up MBA. He spoke to Mahesh, one of his friends, about this. Mahesh’s brother is preparing for MBA entrance exams. Their conversation was as[…]