A photo which shows the integral concepts of MBA in Human Resource Management

Top B-Schools in India for MBA in HR Management

Naisha and Nishit are very good friends who have been preparing to appear for the CAT for over a year. Nishit is keen on pursuing an MBA in HR and is discussing the same with Naisha. Here is a conversation between them: Naisha: Have you decided what you are going to specialise in? Nishit: I’m[…]

A graphic representation of normalization

Normalization – Do you need to answer all questions in CAT exam?

Priyanka and Pankaj are going to appear for the CAT exam. They have completed their BBA from a very good college and have been preparing for over a year. However, Pankaj does not know much about the concept of normalization which is being applied to the results. The following is a conversation between Pankaj and[…]


The difference between those who crack the CAT exam and those who don’t

Sanoj and Pranav are very good friends who are in the last year of their engineering. Both are planning and discussing what to do after graduating. Pranav suggests that they should take the MBA entrance exam and try to get into a good college. Sanoj says that he has heard that the CAT exam is[…]

A picture showing the selection of an ideal candidate by a recruitment manager as a job after MBA

5 Dream Jobs After MBA where a degree makes a difference!

“In these jobs, an MBA degree will help you run the fast track in the rat race!” Getting your dream job after MBA can be a tall task, which may come with a lot of hurdles. The placement process is sometimes as convoluted as the CAT question paper itself! However, it is not just getting[…]