CAT exam – Does the rural population have an equal chance as the urban population?

“Do I have to be a city resident to crack CAT exam?” His tears mixed with the running water in the river, as his sullen form positioned itself near the river bank like a stone. The cool breeze in the mountains of Munnar rustled in his air, while the trees swayed around, almost beckoning him[…]

Best Practices one needs to embrace before going for CAT Exam

Daily Prescription Pills for CAT Exam 2016

For a brief moment, I looked up from my paper. Hardly a second, maybe even less. I knew I had already made a mistake when I looked around me. Hands moving feverishly, the rattle of the AC, and 35 people unanimously struggling to do better than the one seated next to them. This was just[…]

Colleges to be looked for Marketing in MBA

Top Colleges in India for MBA in Marketing

“List of colleges offering MBA in Marketing in India.” ‘I want to start preparing for entrance exams and apply for MBA once I finish my graduation’ said Kapil to Raman. ‘Wow! That’s great, Kapil’ said Raman. ‘Which field do you plan to do MBA in?’ ‘I am sure that I want to do MBA in[…]

A visual portraying learning by gamification used in a blog about CAT Preparation Online

CAT PREPARATION ONLINE – How is it better?

“Why this sudden shift to CAT preparation online?”  “I don’t think I want to continue with this job anymore.”  She finally stated after weeks of self-loathing and subsequent self-evaluations. My best friend wanted to switch her career and explore new dimensions beyond what her present field offered.  After weeks of trying to supress her ambitions[…]