A picture showing the selection of an ideal candidate by a recruitment manager as a job after MBA

5 Dream Jobs After MBA where a degree makes a difference!

“In these jobs, an MBA degree will help you run the fast track in the rat race!” Getting your dream job after MBA can be a tall task, which may come with a lot of hurdles. The placement process is sometimes as convoluted as the CAT question paper itself! However, it is not just getting[…]

Colleges to be looked for Marketing in MBA

Top Colleges in India for MBA in Marketing

“List of colleges offering MBA in Marketing in India.” ‘I want to start preparing for entrance exams and apply for MBA once I finish my graduation’ said Kapil to Raman. ‘Wow! That’s great, Kapil’ said Raman. ‘Which field do you plan to do MBA in?’ ‘I am sure that I want to do MBA in[…]