Representation of a group discussion

5 Habits of Group Discussion Winners

All the discussion about group discussion It is the month of March, the time that leads up to MBA admission interviews in April/May. Everyone applying for an MBA college is gearing up for the next phase. Sahil and Nikunj are classmates from BBA. They see that the talk in most online forums is revolving around[…]

Grooming tips - shirt-and-tie colour combination options for men to wear for a formal interview

What to Do the Day before the GD/PI – Grooming Tips and Other Points

If you are applying for an MBA, you must consider substance as well as style. How you present yourself in the GD/PR influences the outcome significantly. One tends to ignore grooming tips till the last minute. In order to make sure that you do well in these situations, we bring you a few tips and ideas[…]

A group of chairs in a circle – one orange and others black, denoting an outstanding individual within a group.

5 Tips to Successfully Crack a Group Discussion

One cannot overemphasise how important a group discussion is. Candidates may feel that a GD is not the fairest way to evaluate their skills. However, GDs provide valuable insights to the institutes when deciding upon whom to pick. It is better to accept the practicality of the group discussion phase rather than being bogged down by[…]