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Five women who choose unconventional careers after MBA specialization

Shreya’s life at IIM-L was one that was truly memorable. This included the frequent secret outings as well as the periodic bouts of craziness. She was never too interested in studies; however, she always had a knack for the creative and the crazy. She used to persuade and help her friends whenever they had second[…]

CAT exam – Does the rural population have an equal chance as the urban population?

“Do I have to be a city resident to crack CAT exam?” His tears mixed with the running water in the river, as his sullen form positioned itself near the river bank like a stone. The cool breeze in the mountains of Munnar rustled in his air, while the trees swayed around, almost beckoning him[…]

The advantage of creating a confidence while preparing for the CAT paper

CAT paper – How Creating a Confidence Index for each section will help you

I looked out of the window of my car at the polluted, bustling city road, amidst a plethora of noise and voices. After eight hours of constant preparation for the CAT paper, my head was throbbing with a painful headache. As I sat, contemplating on whether all those hours seemed to make any difference to[…]

Picture of Symbiosis University, Pune.

Top MBA colleges in India that do not accept the CAT score

“CAT or no CAT?” A boy named Manoj was in the final year of his graduation. A B.A. student from Loyola College in Ahmedabad, he wanted to do an MBA in HR after graduation from one of the top MBA colleges in India. He spoke about his ambition to Ashwin, who was his senior from Loyola.[…]

A picture showing the old way of advertising in which Kishore Kumar is promoting Brylcreem hair get

How have MBA graduates impacted the advertising industry of India?

“Time to get some inspiration!” Mitesh and Aazib were best buddies. Aazib was a smart, talented and creative boy. He liked to take part in advertising competitions. He was able to deal with the creative aspect of such events very naturally. Mitesh was the IT expert. He managed the technical part. Their duo won most[…]

An image showing four alphabetical dice rolling to form hard and easy.

Should you practice only the tough questions for CAT exam?

CAT exam doesn’t have easy questions. Should I even practise them? Natasha and Pratik were two students from Kolkata, preparing for their CAT exam. They were both engineering students. Pratik used CAT preparation books, and Natasha had got herself enrolled into online CAT coaching classes. They had practised a fair amount of Maths during their[…]

aspects of advertising that open up by studying in the best b-schools in India

Best b-schools in India for a Career in Advertising

“But how can you not know?” Mehta uncle’s words were still ringing in my ears long after he had left. Harish Mehta was a family friend. He and my father grew up together. In days long before Facebook and Google started becoming dream companies, one could only dream of making it big with engineering. Mehta[…]

This image signifies the various MBA exams students can apply to get into b-schools in India.

MBA Entrance Exams – The need for variety in your preparation to get success.

Let’s take a look at what students think is the best way to tackle MBA entrance exams. “Guys, I think constant preparation for 6 hours a day, 2 hours for each section for a year will take me to the desired percentile,” Ashish said. “True, but I think only practice would not be enough. We[…]

Various entrance exams for getting into top MBA colleges in India

Top MBA colleges in India that accept scores of multiple MBA entrance exams

“Is CAT the only way to reach my goal?” Rohit, Pratap and Rahul have been friends since childhood. They have always studied from the same institute, be it school or college. They are doing their graduation right now. Soon, they’ll be in the same boat again, trying to gain entry into one of the top[…]

Tips for students with non-math background to conquer the CAT syllabus

Tips for people with non-math background

“CAT Syllabus – Does it provide an edge to students with a Mathematics background?” Ashish goes to a career counselling seminar. The following conversation takes place between Ashish and the counsellor which may be helpful for many MBA aspirants. Ashish – “Sir, I am a commerce student, can I prepare for CAT exam?” Counsellor – “Yes, of course, graduates from[…]