The difference between those who crack the CAT exam and those who don’t

Sanoj and Pranav are very good friends who are in the last year of their engineering. Both are planning and discussing what to do after graduating. Pranav suggests that they should take the MBA entrance exam and try to get into a good college. Sanoj says that he has heard that the CAT exam is[…]


What difference can last minute preparations make in CAT Exam?

We did it in school, then why not the CAT exam? We did not have many thrills during our college days, but one such thrill which we consistently and thoroughly enjoyed involved last minute preparation. The adrenaline rush while constantly looking at the clock, like a metronome, the sweaty palms, the thumping heartbeat, and the[…]

CAT exam – Does the rural population have an equal chance as the urban population?

“Do I have to be a city resident to crack CAT exam?” His tears mixed with the running water in the river, as his sullen form positioned itself near the river bank like a stone. The cool breeze in the mountains of Munnar rustled in his air, while the trees swayed around, almost beckoning him[…]

How non-engineers can deal with the quants section in CAT exam

CAT Exam- Does solving the quantitative section require you to be an Engineer?

I happen to remember one of my school Alumni meets where I met a lot of my old school chaps. By that time we were on the verge of completing our graduation courses.  This event strikes me the most because it was a turning point in the life of many of my friends. We had a[…]

Role of Intelligence in cracking CAT Exam

Will High IQ Guarantee Success in MBA Entrance Exams?

Will my IQ solely determine my success in MBA entrance exams? [“Sheldon: Is that the prototype drive system for the high-G rover? Howard: No, Bernadette got me a Fitbit so she can track how much I’m exercising….”] “I wish I had Sheldon’s IQ. I could do such a lot more than engineering.” My 19 year[…]

Visual representation of choosing the right approach using tick, cross and question mark symbols for an article on CAT exam preparation method

Acing CAT exam – Do you need to walk in the footsteps of previous toppers?

A tete-e-tete with CAT exam toppers During a regular interview session after CAT, the interviewer had 5 toppers before him and the question put forward was: “Please tell us about the one thing that you did to achieve this galloping success.” Topper 1 – “I woke up early in the morning and studied for CAT[…]