Image of John Abraham who holds an MBA from NMIMS

5 well-known media personalities who cracked the CAT exam with great results

Numerous disciplines are offered if you plan to do an MBA One evening, I was having a conversation with my father about my plans after graduating in Mass Communication. My dad suggested that I should pursue Masters in Journalism. But I was not sure if that was indeed what I wanted to pursue. I countered[…]

Sona Mohapatra| Singer, composer and lyricist

Five women who choose unconventional careers after MBA specialization

Shreya’s life at IIM-L was one that was truly memorable. This included the frequent secret outings as well as the periodic bouts of craziness. She was never too interested in studies; however, she always had a knack for the creative and the crazy. She used to persuade and help her friends whenever they had second[…]

Depiction of non mainstream MBA jobs for b-school students

Five Non-Mainstream MBA Jobs offered to B-school students

Management studies opens up a plethora of career options from construction management, tourism management to luxury management and so on. We see MBA jobs opening up in an increasing number of unconventional domains.  One aspiring to land up in the non-profit sector can now achieve this through their MBA degree. Similarly, students with a strong[…]