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5 Dream Jobs After MBA where a degree makes a difference!

“In these jobs, an MBA degree will help you run the fast track in the rat race!” Getting your dream job after MBA can be a tall task, which may come with a lot of hurdles. The placement process is sometimes as convoluted as the CAT question paper itself! However, it is not just getting[…]

– A picture explaining purchasing power parity with cost of a burger in the US and Europe and comparing the same with the exchange rate.

Jobs after MBA – International or National

The final reward A fat pay package job – The final reward of your years of toil though the educational system. Let us be point-blank pragmatic here, while your endless educational expedition does leave you learned and wise, the only tangible reward that you can flaunt are the jobs after MBA. What better way to land[…]

Image of John Abraham who holds an MBA from NMIMS

5 well-known media personalities who cracked the CAT exam with great results

Numerous disciplines are offered if you plan to do an MBA One evening, I was having a conversation with my father about my plans after graduating in Mass Communication. My dad suggested that I should pursue Masters in Journalism. But I was not sure if that was indeed what I wanted to pursue. I countered[…]

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How have MBA graduates impacted the advertising industry of India?

“Time to get some inspiration!” Mitesh and Aazib were best buddies. Aazib was a smart, talented and creative boy. He liked to take part in advertising competitions. He was able to deal with the creative aspect of such events very naturally. Mitesh was the IT expert. He managed the technical part. Their duo won most[…]

Depiction of non mainstream MBA jobs for b-school students

Five Non-Mainstream MBA Jobs offered to B-school students

Management studies opens up a plethora of career options from construction management, tourism management to luxury management and so on. We see MBA jobs opening up in an increasing number of unconventional domains.  One aspiring to land up in the non-profit sector can now achieve this through their MBA degree. Similarly, students with a strong[…]

Various Aspects of Marketing such as Advertising, Promotions, Media

Career options after MBA Marketing

“ MBA Marketing – The gateway to the most sought after corporate jobs.”  A group of students from an MBA Marketing class are talking about their upcoming campus placement schedule. It is fascinating to know their viewpoints for jobs after MBA in marketing.   “Guys, keep your fingers crossed…all of our dream companies should participate in campus[…]

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Work experience – does it help in MBA?

Mr. Anderson is a team leader at Matrix IT Services with a work experience of 3 years in the company. Despite rising through the ranks and building a decent work profile, Mr. Anderson is not quite satisfied. He is really keen on being a ‘Neo Analyst’, a highly coveted job category. Pursuing an MBA degree would boost his[…]