Importance of team work in group exercise during mba admission

Why do some colleges prefer a group exercise over a group discussion?

It is always fun to read about the admission experiences of MBA aspirants. Well, not always, it is not as exciting when nothing weird or unusual happens. This is how I felt while preparing for my own admission process. Little did I know that my own admission experience would turn out to be so unique![…]

Always maintain your calm and composure while facing stress interview questions


Under Pressure! Ramesh and Kala are very good friends and are preparing to get into one of the business schools. Kala is an engineering graduate with no work experience while Ramesh is a Business Administration graduate with three years of work experience. As the MBA entrance exams draws close, Ramesh asks Kala if she has[…]

The importance of being good at articulation while writing

5 Tips to Excel at the Written Assessment Test

Fear of the WAT!! Arjun and Sneha are classmates at the same college. They are in the final year of BBA and have also appeared for several MBA exams. Both are confident of clearing the cut-off for premier colleges. One day after college, they begin talking casually of the upcoming selection rounds. Sneha seems to[…]

Image of person working on his statement of purpose

What are institutes looking for in your Statement of Purpose

Ram and Shyam are two school friends and both of them are good students. They both wish to get into the same MBA institute, Acme institute (fictional and unrelated to Wyle E. Coyote). It top MBA institute with a very good placement record. But as fate would have it while Shyam got accepted into a[…]

How to hold the interviewers’ interest during an MBA interview

3 tips to direct the flow of MBA Interview Questions

It’s all about the pressure! Ram and Rima are two very good friends preparing to get into premier management institutes. They have always studied together whenever they are preparing for the exam. Ram is very confident that he will easily get into one of the top business schools, but Rima is not very confident. Rima[…]

Grooming tips - shirt-and-tie colour combination options for men to wear for a formal interview

What to Do the Day before the GD/PI – Grooming Tips and Other Points

If you are applying for an MBA, you must consider substance as well as style. How you present yourself in the GD/PR influences the outcome significantly. One tends to ignore grooming tips till the last minute. In order to make sure that you do well in these situations, we bring you a few tips and ideas[…]

A group of chairs in a circle – one orange and others black, denoting an outstanding individual within a group.

5 Tips to Successfully Crack a Group Discussion

One cannot overemphasise how important a group discussion is. Candidates may feel that a GD is not the fairest way to evaluate their skills. However, GDs provide valuable insights to the institutes when deciding upon whom to pick. It is better to accept the practicality of the group discussion phase rather than being bogged down by[…]

How to make the perfect MBA application resume for colleges?

In search of the perfect MBA application resume… Tina: I have my interview in this highly reputed college tomorrow. It is my dream to study in such a prestigious institution. I want to ace the interview. Riya: Have you prepared everything for it? Tina: I have. But I am not really sure how good my[…]

Useful tips for approaching the written assessment test during MBA application

How to approach Written Assessment Test (WAT)?

Raksha and Tarun first met at a coaching class while preparing for CAT exam. They shared notes and study plans and became good friends over time. While Raksha is the talkative one, Tarun is the shy type. He prefers to keep his conversations short and to the point. They meet up after Tarun’s Group Discussion[…]

How to prepare for an interview for MBA admission- Part I

“Appearance matters a lot more than you realise!” Samina and Roshni have known each other since kindergarten. Samina has always been careful about her appearance. She had the perfectly put together outfit no matter what the occasion. Roshni has always had a rather laid back attitude. “Comfort first” is the motto she lived by, which[…]