Tips for students with non-math background to conquer the CAT syllabus

Tips for people with non-math background

“CAT Syllabus – Does it provide an edge to students with a Mathematics background?” Ashish goes to a career counselling seminar. The following conversation takes place between Ashish and the counsellor which may be helpful for many MBA aspirants. Ashish – “Sir, I am a commerce student, can I prepare for CAT exam?” Counsellor – “Yes, of course, graduates from[…]

Gamification is applied by Praqtise to the process of learning the CAT syllabus thereby turning it into a fun activity

5 Reasons Why Praqtise is Your Genie for Overcoming the CAT Syllabus

Not Again! My exasperation had driven me to fling the console across the room. It landed with a soft thud on the carpet. Why was it so difficult to defeat this guy? After 15 matches with him, I still had absolutely nothing to brag about. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am extremely competitive.[…]

Image of a wolf in its natural surroundings in winter, used to depict the idea of a 'lone wolf' in an article about CAT Coaching Institutes

CAT Coaching Institutes – Can you crack the exam without them?

“ CAT Coaching for the Brave” A cold wind blew through the trees, creating the illusion of a long and undulating painful song. It almost seemed like the trees themselves were wailing this dreary tune, as the snow fell and clung over their dead branches. As the cold and dreary forest remained unlit by anything[…]