What difference can last minute preparations make in CAT Exam?

We did it in school, then why not the CAT exam? We did not have many thrills during our college days, but one such thrill which we consistently and thoroughly enjoyed involved last minute preparation. The adrenaline rush while constantly looking at the clock, like a metronome, the sweaty palms, the thumping heartbeat, and the[…]


3 CAT preparation tricks that will help you crack the Verbal section

  Sumedha is a CAT exam candidate. She is in the final year of her engineering course. Her CAT preparation has been very quant oriented because she likes mathematics as a subject. Hence, she has been scoring well in the quant section, but is unsatisfied with her performance in the verbal section. She speaks about[…]

The advantage of creating a confidence while preparing for the CAT paper

CAT paper – How Creating a Confidence Index for each section will help you

I looked out of the window of my car at the polluted, bustling city road, amidst a plethora of noise and voices. After eight hours of constant preparation for the CAT paper, my head was throbbing with a painful headache. As I sat, contemplating on whether all those hours seemed to make any difference to[…]

An image showing four alphabetical dice rolling to form hard and easy.

Should you practice only the tough questions for CAT exam?

CAT exam doesn’t have easy questions. Should I even practise them? Natasha and Pratik were two students from Kolkata, preparing for their CAT exam. They were both engineering students. Pratik used CAT preparation books, and Natasha had got herself enrolled into online CAT coaching classes. They had practised a fair amount of Maths during their[…]

Best Practices one needs to embrace before going for CAT Exam

Daily Prescription Pills for CAT Exam 2016

For a brief moment, I looked up from my paper. Hardly a second, maybe even less. I knew I had already made a mistake when I looked around me. Hands moving feverishly, the rattle of the AC, and 35 people unanimously struggling to do better than the one seated next to them. This was just[…]

Role of Intelligence in cracking CAT Exam

Will High IQ Guarantee Success in MBA Entrance Exams?

Will my IQ solely determine my success in MBA entrance exams? [“Sheldon: Is that the prototype drive system for the high-G rover? Howard: No, Bernadette got me a Fitbit so she can track how much I’m exercising….”] “I wish I had Sheldon’s IQ. I could do such a lot more than engineering.” My 19 year[…]

Gamification is applied by Praqtise to the process of learning the CAT syllabus thereby turning it into a fun activity

5 Reasons Why Praqtise is Your Genie for Overcoming the CAT Syllabus

Not Again! My exasperation had driven me to fling the console across the room. It landed with a soft thud on the carpet. Why was it so difficult to defeat this guy? After 15 matches with him, I still had absolutely nothing to brag about. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am extremely competitive.[…]

Image of a wolf in its natural surroundings in winter, used to depict the idea of a 'lone wolf' in an article about CAT Coaching Institutes

CAT Coaching Institutes – Can you crack the exam without them?

“ CAT Coaching for the Brave” A cold wind blew through the trees, creating the illusion of a long and undulating painful song. It almost seemed like the trees themselves were wailing this dreary tune, as the snow fell and clung over their dead branches. As the cold and dreary forest remained unlit by anything[…]