Stories of students who successfully cracked IIM interview questions

5 Success Stories of Students Against IIM Interview Questions

Suresh and Naresh are two friends that had always dreamt of joining an IIM. For Suresh this dream became a reality as se secured an admission into IIM Ahmedabad but Naresh was not as fortunate. But he was not disheartened and decided to take a second crack at it in a year. He never had[…]

A student contemplating the pros and cons of dropping a year to get into a top B-school of her choice

Is it worth taking a one-year drop for CAT?

Manoj and Swati have cleared MBA entrance examinations with good percentile and have begun getting calls from many of the top B-schools in India. However, neither Manoj nor Swati have secured a call from the B-school where they want to study. Manoj plans to take a one-year drop for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.[…]

How to select the right educational loan for MBA in India

Choosing the Best Education Loan for MBA in India

The first loan of my life! With each passing day, the MBA life becomes more and more a reality for Joyjeet. He is someone who cannot help but worry himself to death over everything. After spending the last week worrying about hostel life, he has a new obsession now- choosing the best education loan for[…]

Amphitheatre at Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai

Top B-schools in India that stand out for Regional Presence

Look out for the hidden gems! Anubhav and Rohit are two colleagues working for a leading investment bank. Both are excellent finance professionals who want to give their career an additional thrust. They wish to pursue an MBA from one of the top B-schools in India. However, Anubhav has a few concerns which he shares[…]

Group exercise for MBA aspirants help evaluate their skills

5 examples of group exercises for MBA aspirants

Ravi and Dhruv are two great friends who have been preparing for MBA entrance examinations. Ravi and Dhruv are neighbours, and while Ravi is an engineer, Dhruv has graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Both aspire to get into a prestigious B-school in India, and they have been working very hard to crack the[…]

The cost of being Batman- a fun way to discuss the cost of having a particular lifestyle

Thinking beyond fees- the real cost of doing MBA in India

Paying more than the fees… Trupthi and Janhavi are in the same boat. They have been friends since junior college, and completed B.Com together. Both of them are busy preparing for the upcoming GD/PI rounds. Most of their talks these days pertain to getting into an MBA course. One evening, they are having a discussion[…]

Representation of a group discussion

5 Habits of Group Discussion Winners

All the discussion about group discussion It is the month of March, the time that leads up to MBA admission interviews in April/May. Everyone applying for an MBA college is gearing up for the next phase. Sahil and Nikunj are classmates from BBA. They see that the talk in most online forums is revolving around[…]