The difference between those who crack the CAT exam and those who don’t

Sanoj and Pranav are very good friends who are in the last year of their engineering. Both are planning and discussing what to do after graduating. Pranav suggests that they should take the MBA entrance exam and try to get into a good college. Sanoj says that he has heard that the CAT exam is[…]

How to prepare for various entrance examination for MBA

Ideal time versus accuracy ratio in MBA entrance exams

How to decide how much time to dedicate to each question in MBA entrance exams? Anisha and Sagar, who are very good friends, are preparing for different MBA entrance exams. When taking a break from studies, they like to play a game where they are supposed to burst maximum balloons in minimum time but with[…]


3 CAT preparation tricks that will help you crack the Verbal section

  Sumedha is a CAT exam candidate. She is in the final year of her engineering course. Her CAT preparation has been very quant oriented because she likes mathematics as a subject. Hence, she has been scoring well in the quant section, but is unsatisfied with her performance in the verbal section. She speaks about[…]

Compete with repeat test takers of the CAT exam

Can you really not compete with someone who has taken CAT exam multiple times?

Mehek is preparing for the 2016 CAT exam. She goes to a coaching centre where she has enrolled for a mock test series. Mehek has made friends with some of her fellow test takers. This is what they were discussing one day after a mock test. Shubham: “I appeared for CAT last year. I got[…]

An image showing four alphabetical dice rolling to form hard and easy.

Should you practice only the tough questions for CAT exam?

CAT exam doesn’t have easy questions. Should I even practise them? Natasha and Pratik were two students from Kolkata, preparing for their CAT exam. They were both engineering students. Pratik used CAT preparation books, and Natasha had got herself enrolled into online CAT coaching classes. They had practised a fair amount of Maths during their[…]

Tips for students with non-math background to conquer the CAT syllabus

Tips for people with non-math background

“CAT Syllabus – Does it provide an edge to students with a Mathematics background?” Ashish goes to a career counselling seminar. The following conversation takes place between Ashish and the counsellor which may be helpful for many MBA aspirants. Ashish – “Sir, I am a commerce student, can I prepare for CAT exam?” Counsellor – “Yes, of course, graduates from[…]

Best Practices one needs to embrace before going for CAT Exam

Daily Prescription Pills for CAT Exam 2016

For a brief moment, I looked up from my paper. Hardly a second, maybe even less. I knew I had already made a mistake when I looked around me. Hands moving feverishly, the rattle of the AC, and 35 people unanimously struggling to do better than the one seated next to them. This was just[…]

Humorous portrayal of a brain working out using books as weights used in an article suggesting tips for improving reading comprehension for CAT exam

Reading Comprehension – 4 tips to ace this section

This is how one student described her struggle with reading comprehension: I gazed at the still pages of the book in silence. The slow whizzing of the fan and the clamour of the insects in their night orchestra together accentuated the static in the room. I read the line once more, most likely for the[…]