– A picture explaining purchasing power parity with cost of a burger in the US and Europe and comparing the same with the exchange rate.

Jobs after MBA – International or National

The final reward A fat pay package job – The final reward of your years of toil though the educational system. Let us be point-blank pragmatic here, while your endless educational expedition does leave you learned and wise, the only tangible reward that you can flaunt are the jobs after MBA. What better way to land[…]

Depiction of non mainstream MBA jobs for b-school students

Five Non-Mainstream MBA Jobs offered to B-school students

Management studies opens up a plethora of career options from construction management, tourism management to luxury management and so on. We see MBA jobs opening up in an increasing number of unconventional domains.  One aspiring to land up in the non-profit sector can now achieve this through their MBA degree. Similarly, students with a strong[…]