A graphic representation of normalization

Normalization – Do you need to answer all questions in CAT exam?

Priyanka and Pankaj are going to appear for the CAT exam. They have completed their BBA from a very good college and have been preparing for over a year. However, Pankaj does not know much about the concept of normalization which is being applied to the results. The following is a conversation between Pankaj and[…]

How to prepare for various entrance examination for MBA

Ideal time versus accuracy ratio in MBA entrance exams

How to decide how much time to dedicate to each question in MBA entrance exams? Anisha and Sagar, who are very good friends, are preparing for different MBA entrance exams. When taking a break from studies, they like to play a game where they are supposed to burst maximum balloons in minimum time but with[…]

Compete with repeat test takers of the CAT exam

Can you really not compete with someone who has taken CAT exam multiple times?

Mehek is preparing for the 2016 CAT exam. She goes to a coaching centre where she has enrolled for a mock test series. Mehek has made friends with some of her fellow test takers. This is what they were discussing one day after a mock test. Shubham: “I appeared for CAT last year. I got[…]

How non-engineers can deal with the quants section in CAT exam

CAT Exam- Does solving the quantitative section require you to be an Engineer?

I happen to remember one of my school Alumni meets where I met a lot of my old school chaps. By that time we were on the verge of completing our graduation courses.  This event strikes me the most because it was a turning point in the life of many of my friends. We had a[…]

Role of Intelligence in cracking CAT Exam

Will High IQ Guarantee Success in MBA Entrance Exams?

Will my IQ solely determine my success in MBA entrance exams? [“Sheldon: Is that the prototype drive system for the high-G rover? Howard: No, Bernadette got me a Fitbit so she can track how much I’m exercising….”] “I wish I had Sheldon’s IQ. I could do such a lot more than engineering.” My 19 year[…]

Image of a wolf in its natural surroundings in winter, used to depict the idea of a 'lone wolf' in an article about CAT Coaching Institutes

CAT Coaching Institutes – Can you crack the exam without them?

“ CAT Coaching for the Brave” A cold wind blew through the trees, creating the illusion of a long and undulating painful song. It almost seemed like the trees themselves were wailing this dreary tune, as the snow fell and clung over their dead branches. As the cold and dreary forest remained unlit by anything[…]