Group exercise for MBA aspirants help evaluate their skills

5 examples of group exercises for MBA aspirants

Ravi and Dhruv are two great friends who have been preparing for MBA entrance examinations. Ravi and Dhruv are neighbours, and while Ravi is an engineer, Dhruv has graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Both aspire to get into a prestigious B-school in India, and they have been working very hard to crack the[…]

Importance of team work in group exercise during mba admission

Why do some colleges prefer a group exercise over a group discussion?

It is always fun to read about the admission experiences of MBA aspirants. Well, not always, it is not as exciting when nothing weird or unusual happens. This is how I felt while preparing for my own admission process. Little did I know that my own admission experience would turn out to be so unique![…]

The importance of being good at articulation while writing

5 Tips to Excel at the Written Assessment Test

Fear of the WAT!! Arjun and Sneha are classmates at the same college. They are in the final year of BBA and have also appeared for several MBA exams. Both are confident of clearing the cut-off for premier colleges. One day after college, they begin talking casually of the upcoming selection rounds. Sneha seems to[…]

Useful tips for approaching the written assessment test during MBA application

How to approach Written Assessment Test (WAT)?

Raksha and Tarun first met at a coaching class while preparing for CAT exam. They shared notes and study plans and became good friends over time. While Raksha is the talkative one, Tarun is the shy type. He prefers to keep his conversations short and to the point. They meet up after Tarun’s Group Discussion[…]