– A picture explaining purchasing power parity with cost of a burger in the US and Europe and comparing the same with the exchange rate.

Jobs after MBA – International or National

The final reward A fat pay package job – The final reward of your years of toil though the educational system. Let us be point-blank pragmatic here, while your endless educational expedition does leave you learned and wise, the only tangible reward that you can flaunt are the jobs after MBA. What better way to land[…]

How to prepare for various entrance examination for MBA

Ideal time versus accuracy ratio in MBA entrance exams

How to decide how much time to dedicate to each question in MBA entrance exams? Anisha and Sagar, who are very good friends, are preparing for different MBA entrance exams. When taking a break from studies, they like to play a game where they are supposed to burst maximum balloons in minimum time but with[…]

Exchange students holding passports to depict MBA colleges in India with best international tie ups

MBA colleges in India with best international tie-ups

Student exchange programs: A brief introduction Raghav has recently completed BBA from a prestigious institute. On the last day in college, he is sitting in the canteen with two of his best friends on campus, Lynda and James. Lynda and James are foreign exchange students who have often described to Raghav how their time in[…]

A picture showing an MBA aspirant wondering how to prepare differently for different MBA entrance exams.

How to prepare for different MBA entrance exams?

Anuj is an employee at one of the best IT companies in India. However, he wanted to transition from an engineer’s job to a management job. So, he decided to take up MBA. He spoke to Mahesh, one of his friends, about this. Mahesh’s brother is preparing for MBA entrance exams. Their conversation was as[…]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi felicitating the leaders of The Express Group

Top MBA colleges in India for Communication & Journalism

I firmly believe that I am a creative person. My friends and family think of me as a creative person before everything else. Hence, I want a career that involves creativity not just in the form of art but also in the form of my profession. It will make me known for my unique way[…]

Image of John Abraham who holds an MBA from NMIMS

5 well-known media personalities who cracked the CAT exam with great results

Numerous disciplines are offered if you plan to do an MBA One evening, I was having a conversation with my father about my plans after graduating in Mass Communication. My dad suggested that I should pursue Masters in Journalism. But I was not sure if that was indeed what I wanted to pursue. I countered[…]


What difference can last minute preparations make in CAT Exam?

We did it in school, then why not the CAT exam? We did not have many thrills during our college days, but one such thrill which we consistently and thoroughly enjoyed involved last minute preparation. The adrenaline rush while constantly looking at the clock, like a metronome, the sweaty palms, the thumping heartbeat, and the[…]


3 CAT preparation tricks that will help you crack the Verbal section

  Sumedha is a CAT exam candidate. She is in the final year of her engineering course. Her CAT preparation has been very quant oriented because she likes mathematics as a subject. Hence, she has been scoring well in the quant section, but is unsatisfied with her performance in the verbal section. She speaks about[…]

Compete with repeat test takers of the CAT exam

Can you really not compete with someone who has taken CAT exam multiple times?

Mehek is preparing for the 2016 CAT exam. She goes to a coaching centre where she has enrolled for a mock test series. Mehek has made friends with some of her fellow test takers. This is what they were discussing one day after a mock test. Shubham: “I appeared for CAT last year. I got[…]

Operations Management Infographic showing the various functions

Career options after MBA in Operations Management

What is Operations Management? Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency within an organisation. It involves managing materials and labour to produce goods and services as efficiently as possible. Operations include planning, organising and supervising the core production and delivery processes of a firm. Operations management[…]