Why MBA in Digital Marketing is the in-thing right now

“MBA in marketing: The rise of the Digital Managers” *dhum* *dhum* “Is Tony home?” The door creaked open just as we reached forward for the fourth time to knock in frustrated impatience. An old lady, wrinkled beyond recognition, opened the door. She leaned forward, squinting through her thick spectacles at us, her mouth half open[…]

A simple visual representation of MBA soecializations offered in top MBA colleges in India

TOP MBA colleges in India that offer Dual Specializations

DUAL SPECIALIZATION: The New Business Jargon? The air was heavy with the overwhelming waft from my mother’s cooking. It was homecoming for my elder brother, Anuj, following three whole years of virtual conversations. While the anticipation in the house grew with each stroke of the clock, my subconscious took me through an assortment of worries[…]