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MBA Interview Questions – How to prepare for an interview (Part II)

Are the MBA entrance exams not enough? Why oh why do we have interviews?! Despite being a long journey in itself, an MBA entrance exam is just the beginning. They serve the purpose of filtering the total number of applicants to a manageable size. This smaller crowd is then put through more tests to see[…]

Always maintain your calm and composure while facing stress interview questions


Under Pressure! Ramesh and Kala are very good friends and are preparing to get into one of the business schools. Kala is an engineering graduate with no work experience while Ramesh is a Business Administration graduate with three years of work experience. As the MBA entrance exams draws close, Ramesh asks Kala if she has[…]

How to hold the interviewers’ interest during an MBA interview

3 tips to direct the flow of MBA Interview Questions

It’s all about the pressure! Ram and Rima are two very good friends preparing to get into premier management institutes. They have always studied together whenever they are preparing for the exam. Ram is very confident that he will easily get into one of the top business schools, but Rima is not very confident. Rima[…]

How to prepare for an interview for MBA admission- Part I

“Appearance matters a lot more than you realise!” Samina and Roshni have known each other since kindergarten. Samina has always been careful about her appearance. She had the perfectly put together outfit no matter what the occasion. Roshni has always had a rather laid back attitude. “Comfort first” is the motto she lived by, which[…]

A group of light bulbs, with only one shining brightly, leading the question – “what makes you different?” from the perspective of an MBA interview panel.

How to Justify Your Profile for Admission during an MBA Interview?

An engineering graduate, a commerce graduate and an individual with some work experience all walk into an MBA interview for admission. No, this is not the beginning of a joke. It is actually a description of most people who apply for admission to MBA programs. Candidates tend to get terrified at the idea of answering the[…]