A picture showing an MBA aspirant wondering how to prepare differently for different MBA entrance exams.

How to prepare for different MBA entrance exams?

Anuj is an employee at one of the best IT companies in India. However, he wanted to transition from an engineer’s job to a management job. So, he decided to take up MBA. He spoke to Mahesh, one of his friends, about this. Mahesh’s brother is preparing for MBA entrance exams. Their conversation was as[…]

This image signifies the various MBA exams students can apply to get into b-schools in India.

MBA Entrance Exams – The need for variety in your preparation to get success.

Let’s take a look at what students think is the best way to tackle MBA entrance exams. “Guys, I think constant preparation for 6 hours a day, 2 hours for each section for a year will take me to the desired percentile,” Ashish said. “True, but I think only practice would not be enough. We[…]

Various entrance exams for getting into top MBA colleges in India

Top MBA colleges in India that accept scores of multiple MBA entrance exams

“Is CAT the only way to reach my goal?” Rohit, Pratap and Rahul have been friends since childhood. They have always studied from the same institute, be it school or college. They are doing their graduation right now. Soon, they’ll be in the same boat again, trying to gain entry into one of the top[…]