Representation of a group discussion

5 Habits of Group Discussion Winners

All the discussion about group discussion It is the month of March, the time that leads up to MBA admission interviews in April/May. Everyone applying for an MBA college is gearing up for the next phase. Sahil and Nikunj are classmates from BBA. They see that the talk in most online forums is revolving around[…]

Importance of team work in group exercise during mba admission

Why do some colleges prefer a group exercise over a group discussion?

It is always fun to read about the admission experiences of MBA aspirants. Well, not always, it is not as exciting when nothing weird or unusual happens. This is how I felt while preparing for my own admission process. Little did I know that my own admission experience would turn out to be so unique![…]

How to hold the interviewers’ interest during an MBA interview

3 tips to direct the flow of MBA Interview Questions

It’s all about the pressure! Ram and Rima are two very good friends preparing to get into premier management institutes. They have always studied together whenever they are preparing for the exam. Ram is very confident that he will easily get into one of the top business schools, but Rima is not very confident. Rima[…]