Stories of students who successfully cracked IIM interview questions

5 Success Stories of Students Against IIM Interview Questions

Suresh and Naresh are two friends that had always dreamt of joining an IIM. For Suresh this dream became a reality as se secured an admission into IIM Ahmedabad but Naresh was not as fortunate. But he was not disheartened and decided to take a second crack at it in a year. He never had[…]

A student contemplating the pros and cons of dropping a year to get into a top B-school of her choice

Is it worth taking a one-year drop for CAT?

Manoj and Swati have cleared MBA entrance examinations with good percentile and have begun getting calls from many of the top B-schools in India. However, neither Manoj nor Swati have secured a call from the B-school where they want to study. Manoj plans to take a one-year drop for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations.[…]

How to make the perfect MBA application resume for colleges?

In search of the perfect MBA application resume… Tina: I have my interview in this highly reputed college tomorrow. It is my dream to study in such a prestigious institution. I want to ace the interview. Riya: Have you prepared everything for it? Tina: I have. But I am not really sure how good my[…]

Degree on a pile of money – ROI

Is ROI the only thing that matters while selecting MBA colleges?

Suresh and Ramesh are old school friends. Unlike most stories where one is smart and the other is lucky, in this story both friends are smart and hardworking. Both pursued undergrad from the same institute with the same field and got almost the same scores. The duo then went their separate ways to pursue post[…]